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"Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?" [05 Nov 2011|11:42am]
[ mood | awake ]

Bernice finished the food, waited a full 15 minutes to make sure no one else was coming and then started pulling the tubes out of her arm. She sat up, stayed sitting for a full three seconds and then collapsed back, gasping in pain. After a minute she tried again and was able to stay sitting up this time. Once she was convinced of her own stability, she swung her legs off the bed and stood up. A wave of nausea washed over her, and she almost sat back down. Using her good arm to steady herself, she waited to adjust to being upright. When she again felt confident with her new position, she took her first step.
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We can slip through the holes and the stories they told [03 Nov 2011|10:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]


“Jesus Julie, there’s another one back here!”

A slight twinge of panic had worked its way into Nathan’s voice, which Julie understood because she could fell a bit of that panic herself. In the eight years since she had joined the CSI division this was the worst scene she had worked. Three dead women (probably prostitutes) a dead man and enough ammo thrown around to stage, well if not a war then a minor peacekeeping mission at least.

And of course, one of the killers used a shotgun. Scenes were always worse when a shotgun was involved.
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I got game cause the game was given to me [02 Nov 2011|10:46pm]
[ mood | hungry ]


The Phoenician wasn’t what she had been expecting. Unlike most resorts she was used to, it wasn’t tall - three stories in the main building, but only two everywhere else. It was spread between three distinct buildings, separated by a few acres of golf course. At first she thought this would make finding Haines more difficult, but luckily she was wrong.

“Here’s your key Mrs Cale. Would you like someone to show you to your suite?”

“No thank you. I’m sure I can find it.”

Using Sarah’s credit card to book a room was a gamble, but she figured she had until mid-morning before the police got around to tracing it. She hoped to be done with Haines and well on her way by then.
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reviving eyes that choked the light with no extraction for the page [01 Nov 2011|09:08pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Holy crap, it's been ages since I've been here.

I'm doing the NaNoWriMo thing again this year and figured I'd post whatever I come up with here...for those one or two people who actually still read this thing. I think it's pretty obvious I've been reading a lot of Richard Stark lately.



The face on the ID wasn’t hers, but it was close enough to pass even a second look. The name on the ID was...unfortunate, bordering on tragic. Bernice Grace McGurk. Aside from the obvious problems with it, the name was memorable. And remembered was not something the woman who was now named Bernice wanted to be.

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"And just cause he's had a coupla cans He thinks it's alright to act like a dickhead " [21 Feb 2010|07:20am]
[ mood | groggy ]

Seriously subconscious? I'll spare you the details of my dreams last night, but I will include this little tid-bit: Stewie Griffin/baby Thomas Edison slash fic. I hate the inside of my head so much right now.

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[04 Nov 2009|09:02pm]

  • 14:41 I love that when I type o-l, the first thing autocomplete suggests is ol' dirty bastard, especially since I was in fact looking for that #

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[27 Oct 2009|09:01pm]

  • 17:30 The guy sitting in front of me is watching porn on his iphone. That's one way to make sure noone sits beside you myloc.me/1dDg3 #

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[13 Oct 2009|09:01pm]

  • 12:28 Studying for an insurance license is exactly as dull as I thought it would be myloc.me/11oC4 #

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[07 Oct 2009|09:03pm]
  • 13:32 Hey emeril, could you work in some variation of the phrase "kick it up" a few more times? Thanks myloc.me/Waxi #
  • 15:30 I envy people that have no trouble peeing in a cup. Just failed at try two myloc.me/WcCt #
  • 15:59 Try three was successful. The lab tech applauded when I left the rest room myloc.me/WdiQ #
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[30 Sep 2009|09:00pm]

  • 13:12 Well, today's my last day at my job. Fortunately I got confirmation that training for the new job starts on the 12th myloc.me/QnSD #

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[24 Sep 2009|09:01pm]

  • 08:59 just passed the biggest crime scene I've ever seen. There were about a billion cops, a moble police headquarters, 6 tattooed guys in han ... #

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[20 Sep 2009|09:00pm]

  • 01:16 Light rail at 1:00am. The conductor just started roping off the sections with vomit on the floor myloc.me/HMWO #

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[05 Sep 2009|09:02pm]
  • 20:45 At a death metal show. What the holy fuck am I doing? myloc.me/xcaZ #
  • 22:06 I just saw a woman in the mosh pit that was at least 12 months pregnant. This is not my world myloc.me/xeMN #
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"I'm honest that way" [03 Sep 2009|01:11pm]
[ mood | blah ]

First interview yesterday - didn't get the job.

Came home and made comfort food - chocolate muffins:

All Purpose Flour - 2 cups
cocoa powder - 3/4 cups
Baking powder - 1 tbs
baking soda - 1/2 tsp
salt - 1/2 tsp
sugar - 1 1/4 cups
butter - 1 stick
eggs - 2
buttermilk - 1 cup

mix using muffin method. bake at 375 for 18 - 20 minutes.

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"My cover’s blown, I walked in the rain like a drone" [28 Aug 2009|11:57am]
[ mood | angry ]

Well, at least they gave me 30 days to look for another job.

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[27 Aug 2009|07:02pm]

  • 18:11 Dear blackberry, I will never, ever want to use the word "ducking". Get used to it. myloc.me/rMpQ #

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"His food is specialy packaged, sealed, and quarantined" [24 Aug 2009|03:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So, the party I was doing all this cooking for was on Saturday.

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[23 Aug 2009|09:01pm]

  • 14:18 I was drunk last night on a mixture of praise and alcohol. But mostly alcohol. myloc.me/q3pD #

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[21 Aug 2009|09:00pm]
  • 22:23 Drunken baking is better than drunken sex, with about equal chance of suffering burns #
  • 09:36 And so it begins mypict.me/oJaK #
  • 09:43 The chocolate layers mypict.me/oJd1 #
  • 09:44 The white layers mypict.me/oJdu #
  • 10:28 #failedeventcomics X-Men: Days of Tuesdays Past #
  • 11:23 There was an incident with removing one of the chocolate layers from the pan and sadly it was damaged beyond recovery. #
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[18 Aug 2009|09:01pm]
  • 22:37 It's cool to eat cheese if you cut the moldy parts off, right? I mean it's basically like cutting off a different type of cheese. #
  • 22:41 And does the quality of the cheese affect whether or not i'm going to die? myloc.me/n3Z5 #
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